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Hungry Shark Evolution Hack Tips…

With the dawn of handheld gaming comes the rise of thousands of great games. Since the boom of smart phones, developers have battled neck and neck to come up with games and other recreational applications to help enrich the experience of owning a handheld device. From fighting off zombies with garden plants to saving the world by swiping candies around, we’ve seen nearly every possible idea for games. One of the most popular to have ever broken out on the scene makes use of a much more threatening main idea – sharks.

Hungry Shark Evolution is a handheld game that requires players to rise through the ranks of shark-hood in order to earn bonuses, unlock extras, and ultimately, win the game. Following basic Darwinian theory, players have to evolve their sharks from less aggressive to larger, more powerful species.

Today, there are millions of players who vouch for this game and while it is quite enjoyable, it can be pretty challenging.

Bring your Hungry Shark Evolution gaming to a new level with these top Hungry Shark Evolution hack tips for players.

Top 4 Hungry Shark Evolution Hack Tips…

hungry shark hack no survey

1. Facebook is Your Friend – The fastest way to move forward in the Hungry Shark Evolution game is to earn as many gems as possible. Of course, playing the game will allow you to accumulate a decent amount, but there are ways you can get gems without having to shell out a single cent. There is an option on the homescreen that will allow you to like the Hungry Shark Evolution fan page on Facebook. This in turn will grant you a few extra gems, so make sure you like the page and get those freebies.

2. Earn Coins the Easy Way – Another Hungry Shark Evolution essential is coins. These will allow you to purchase items and upgrades from the shop that will make it easier for you to make your way through the waters. Again, coins are typically earned through playing the game, but you can earn a few extra on the side everyday if you watch some of the videos that are made available to you on the homescreen. Sure, it might seem a little troubling to have to watch advertisements of games and other stuff you really don’t want to see, each video you watch will earn you 100 coins and a single gem.

3. Go For Gold – When you reach a certain milestone in the game, you will be able to trigger a gold rush. This is a limited amount of time that will allow you to turn whatever fish and creatures you eat into gold. Make the most of gold rush and enable it as often as you can throughout the game. It also helps to be in an ideal place when gold rush does occur so you have as many fish around you as possible.

4. There is Strength in Numbers – Don’t want to go through the ocean alone? You don’t have to. When you visit the shop, you will discover that you have the option to buy a baby shark to have with you during those massive meal times, but you do have to pay a certain price in coins. Baby sharks can be a great advantage because they can strengthen your shark so you don’t die instantly when you hit mines and they can eat any fish or creatures that manage to make it their way. All of the stuff your baby shark earns will be completely yours as well. Earn some to get more and make sure you keep a baby shark beside you at all times.

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