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Hungry Shark Evolution Cheats To Help You Succeed…

The reason why handheld gaming has become such a big industry is because people have started to shift towards entertainment that they can take with them on the go. Whether you’re waiting for your turn at the doctor’s office, sitting on the bus on your way to work, or simply lounging around your home without anything on your agenda, there’s really nothing quite as fun and carefree as enjoying a game on your mobile device.

Today, one of the most popular games for iOS and Android is Hungry Shark Evolution. This marine adventure game is played by eating other fish in the sea, evolving your shark character, and unlocking bonuses and extras by advancing through evolution.

How to Play Hungry Shark Evolution…

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Playing Hungry Shark Evolution is pretty straightforward – all you need is an iOS mobile phone or an Android phone. Download the game from your application download center and start the game. You’ll be greeted with the Hungry Shark Evolution home screen which will grant you a few options. You can start playing the game, check your stats, get help on basic game rules, or evolve your shark. This particular option will take you to the shark customization screen where you can buy accessories for your shark or buy a new shark all together.

When you start to play the game, you will have to use two fingers to navigate the underwater map that’s available. You can steer your shark straight into smaller fish to consume them, but you have to gain some strength and size before you can take on the bigger fish in the sea. Basically, the idea is that you gain points, level up, and evolve your shark in order to move ahead in the game and take on bigger challenges.

Secret Hungry Shark Evolution Cheats…

hungry shark cheats no survey

If you’re the kind of person that doesn’t like waiting for those level ups by playing for long periods of time, you might have already thought about putting some Hungry Shark cheats into action. While some players might look down on this practice, there really is no harm in using a few hacks now and again.

One of the most common Hungry Shark Evolution cheats is the unlimited coins hack. This is the most used cheat on any gaming application that requires a certain period of time before players can avail of free coins and gems.

You will notice when you start up your Hungry Shark Evolution game that you have the option to watch videos online and earn coins in return. This is one of the ways that Hungry Shark Evolution developers make a profit – by using their game as a platform for selected ads. When you watch a video, you will be given 100 coins and a gem. This is applicable for every video you watch. In a day, you will only have a certain number of videos available for viewing and when you’re able to watch through all of them, you will have to wait for the next day before you can watch again. If you want to keep earning coins by watching videos, you can exit the game (make sure it’s cleared from your recent applications) and reset the date on your device for the next day. Open the game again and you will have a fresh set of videos to watch.

Alternatively, you can also check the internet for third party applications that literally hack into the game for a deeper cheat. That is, if you really feel like you have to advance in the game. But if you’re a laid back player (and most handheld gamers are), you will be satisfied with the results of the previously mentioned cheat.

cheats for hungry shark evolution